Averton Alberta


Every ticket makes a difference

For over 25 years the Full House Lottery has raised over 80 million dollars to support Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and University Hospital Foundation. Your tickets support a new operating theatre for cancer surgery at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and hospital care for patients with dementia, and research towards life-changing Alzheimer’s treatments at the University Hospital.⠀⠀⠀


2019 - The Ponti

Averton has embraced the architectural elements of Mid Century Modern for this year's lottery home. A fresh take on this era allowed us to carefully select and explore different traditional as well as non-traditional materials. 

The Ponti truly is a unique and impressive vision that has taken good design to the next level. This home offers a two-storey design that incorporates sloped windows that follow the low-pitched roofline above.

The architecture of this home provides just a taste of the high level of design that awaits you once you step through the door.

Full House Grand Prize Home - Living Room

The Sunken Living Room

Step down into this sun-filled open living space. You’ll be able to cozy up next to this modern three-sided gas fireplace surrounded by detailed brickwork. The fireplace brings the perfect balance of function and warmth without compromising on sleek design.

Wrapping around this modern day conversation pit is a low back sectional complemented by pops of colour and patterns. Touches of black accents are featured in the marble and iron coffee table and high arc lamp. Large expanses of glass connect the interiors with nature and offers everyday living on a grand scale.


Full House Lottery 2019 - Master Retreat

The Master Retreat

As you are drawn towards this private Master Retreat, a sense of arrival is established by the continuation of vaulted ceilings and gable windows. A low platform bed takes centre stage and allows this restful retreat to take advantage of unobstructed views. Warmth from handmade quality pieces and a light neutral palette creates this relaxing and serene space. Stay warm on a cool winter night by the ambiance of your own simulated fireplace.


2018 - The Lamia

With over 5,000 square feet of living space, this home truly has everything a family could ever need. The Lamia features a neutral colour palette that is influenced by simplicity and minimalism. Throughout the design process, we focused on the texture of materials to bring a sense of relaxation and warmth. Rich matte surfaces are contrasted with natural wood, glossy finishes with dramatic black and chrome accents for a stunning finish.

A well-balanced interior style with contemporary architectural elements blends this home perfectly in its natural setting and neighbourhood. Wood tones, a neutral colour palette and glass were key design principles to connect the landscape and architecture. Large windows and a rooftop patio provide the interiors with ample natural light and bring unobstructed views of the outdoors in. This play of tones and pattern add a fresh touch to our design.



Full House Grand Prize Home - Loft

The Loft

The volume in the ceilings from the open to below area spill into this Loft, creating this livable and inviting atmosphere. An abundance of light pours through the gable windows and transforms this space to a vibrant room. The use of bright hues and iconic pieces of organic design accentuate form and dimension.


The Glass Staircase

This custom 3-storey staircase is a feature unto itself, designed with crisp clean lines set against a backdrop of three-storey windows. The white powder coated aluminum structure will be sure to impress, and even more so once guests see the glass treads.


Full House Lottery 2019 - Kitchen

The Kitchen

At the heart of the home, you will find the Kitchen. It pays a beautiful complement to Mid Century Modern through an unexpected colour palette of earthy wood tones contrasted against black finishes.

Symmetry was a key design principle used to balance the fridge seamlessly with the cabinets. The distinctive design of Elica’s aspirating cooktop paired with a bold geometric backsplash acts as a centerpiece in the Kitchen. With no hood fan required, this cooktop combines the function of two appliances to continue the clean and minimalistic look throughout the home.

The Wine Room

Lighting is one of the key elements used throughout the Lamia. As you walk through the Kitchen and Wine Room, the thoughtful use of indirect strip lighting elicits a feeling of warm comfort. Adding layers of different sources of light frames the contemporary details of the design. Glass adds a professional touch to this area, perfect fit for wine connoisseurs.

The Rooftop Deck

Across from the Bar are expansive glass doors that span across and pull you onto the Rooftop Deck. This outdoor living space is always ready for entertaining and will continue to evolve to a winter wonderland in the cold months or a lounging area in the summer. This Rooftop Deck will definitely leave guests with a lasting impression.