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3 Key Elements of a Stunning Master Bathroom

Designing a Showhome-ready Ensuite

There are certain things that everybody looks for in a bathroom, and the ensuite is typically the showstopper. Basic ensuite bathrooms are already a luxury for many homeowners, but for those who are looking for the details that achieve a showhome finish, here are 3 key elements to consider:


Choosing the perfect bathtub is key – not only for the use you'll get out of it, but also for the look. For instance, adding a square soaker tub to your bathroom creates a strong design statement, with the clean lines of the tub opening up the space, and drawing the eye. There are a ton of options out there, make sure your selection will fit your needs and your style.


From facets to fixtures, the hardware you select for your bathroom will complete the look you are going for. Beyond the materials and finishes, there is also a huge variety of designs available. By choosing a floor mounted tub-filler and spray nozzle, you can achieve a unique (and functional) look. 

Floors and Tiling

Rather than walking on cold tiles after your bath, you can choose to upgrade to luxury vinyl planks. This water resistant flooring creates a seamless look between the master bedroom and the ensuite, eliminating flooring transition lines and opening up the space. 


Luxury Enhancements

A popular feature in modern bathrooms is the addition of a two-sided linear gas fireplace above the bathtub. Doing this allows the fireplace to open up the master bedroom and ensuite, keeping them toasty, and reflecting warm light into both rooms. Fully tiled showers are also a beautiful upgrade that will give your master bathroom a perfectly polished finish.