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Top 3 Home Design Tips of the Season

Love your home.

By shifting away from the light, airy styles that are seen over the spring and summer seasons, your home can be transformed into a cozy retreat during the chilly months ahead. There are all sorts of tweaks you can make within your home, and perhaps the best thing, many of them are simple and inexpensive!

Our team has reviewed at our favourite design trends for this season and have compiled our top 3 tips for getting your home ready for Autumn and Winter. 

Play with Texture 

Try using thicker cottons for throws in your living space; not only will these keep you comfortable but thick knits and heavier, plush fabrics and textiles will add a richness and warmth into a room. Don't be afraid to mix your textures either - fur and leather pillows add a gorgeous, polished touch perfect for autumn and winter.

Create Ambiance

Create a pleasant atmosphere throughout your home. Start with your coffee tables! By adding lanterns or pillar candles at different heights, you will build visual interest within a room - lighting candles guarantees a cozy feel! Pick up some scented candles, with familiar scents like fresh apple pie or pumpkin spice.

Focus on Nooks

Design areas throughout your home that you will love to spend time in - wether it be catching up on work, unwinding from a stressful day, or curling up with a book. Don't hesitate to explore deep, rich jewel tones on your walls - colours like greens, purples and teals are a great way to make a room extra cozy. Unique hardware and little touches within a space also add character, detail, and personality. Think about the spaces you use frequently in your home and what you can do to really make them yours - for instance, a master bathroom with a fully-tiled ensuite shower is a wonderful upgrade* to finish off one of the most used rooms in your home. 


Love your home this season. With a a bit of TLC and few thoughtful touches, your home will be a comfortable and inviting space, sure to keep you warm throughout the winter months.



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