Averton Alberta


Averton Presents Dig-In – St Albert’s Horticulinary Festival

Learn to grow, eat & support local food at St Albert’s Dig-In Festival this October 1st – 3rd.

Dig In is more than an event – it’s a movement towards knowing where your food comes from, learning how to create amazing things in your own home, and recognizing the opportunity for farming that we have in this part of Alberta. We believe that the slow food movement is key to helping families create new traditions and experiences around their kitchen tables.

It was a natural fit for Averton to partner with Dig-In, as the festival celebrates the possibilities for memorable experiences surrounding food.  At the heart of every Averton home is the Averton kitchen, offering opportunities for gathering and entertaining.  In every home, this is where great memories are made.

For more information regarding the workshops that Dig-In has to offer visit Dig-In St Albert.