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Top 3 Considerations for Choosing a Family Friendly Home

There’s a lot to think about when you’re building a home ― especially if you’re a young, growing family. You need a child-friendly floorplan and functional features. With so many home models available, it can be difficult stay focused on what you really need. Consider the following three questions to choose your new home with confidence.

Will you have enough space?

Not only will you need enough bedrooms and bathrooms for your family, but you’ll also need enough space for your kids to run, play and make a mess. A bonus room, a finished basement or a large backyard are excellent features.

Storage space is another important factor to consider. From toys to strollers to sports equipment, you’ll need easily accessible places to store all the things your family uses in a day. A large mudroom, big closets, built in shelves or an oversized garage are smart solutions.

Does the layout fit your lifestyle?

As you look at each home model, imagine your life at home. An open concept means you can keep an eye on your kids while you cook or do household chores. A laundry room on the same floor as your bedrooms means you won’t need to haul a laundry basket up and down stairs. A large kitchen or dining area means you’ll have lots of room for dinners with your family.

How long will you live there?

Of course it’s important for your new home to meet your family’s needs today, but what does your future hold? If you’re planning to stay in your home indefinitely, will it still be a fit for your family down the road? For example, bedrooms and bathrooms in the basement may not be important now, but will come in handy when your children are older.

On the other hand, if your new home is part of a shorter term plan, think about its resale value as you choose its layout or design features. Invest in features you’ll enjoy now, but will also be nice selling points later.

Keep these key questions in mind as you consider home models and you will be sure to make the perfect choice for you and your family.

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