Averton Alberta


Create a Functional Kitchen: Add a Second Island

Whether they are large or small, kitchens are the heart of the home. As one of the most multi-purpose spaces in a home, they deserve solid planning with a focus on functionality. In an effort to avoid future frustrations with your kitchen, it is important to consider the overall layout and how you plan on using the space when you are in the design phase. A great option in increasing the usability of your kitchen space would be to add a second island as an eating bar.

The second island is a great place to host intimate gatherings, creating a separate space for you to cook for your guests while also socializing with them. It splits your kitchen into two areas, providing a convenient surface for your kids to do their homework, eat breakfast or catch up with their friends. A second island gives you extra countertop space for prep work for fancy meals, as well as space for place settings for casual dinners without sacrificing foot and leg room. An added bonus is that the second island also helps to conceal any dishes or lingering mess in your kitchen from surprise guests, or just allows you to enjoy your dinner in peace without forcing you to stare at the leftover cheese baked onto your lasagna pan.

The design of your new home is everything. Averton kitchens are designed in a way that will optimize your space, comfortably fitting a large group of people and accommodating various activities. Adding a second island to your kitchen as an eating bar is a great addition that maximizes space and creates flexibility. This unique feature is one of many designs Averton offers that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest, so take your time and select the details that will fit your lifestyle. Don’t forget to check out our home models here and start building your dream home today!