Averton Alberta


Inside Averton: A New Employee’s Perspective

Karyn Gaunt was working as a receptionist in a law firm when she found herself in need of a change. As she talked with friends about her possible career change, she noticed new home sales kept coming up in conversation. “One of my friends used to be an area sales manager for a builder and said good things about the industry,” explains Karyn. “And my best friend’s sister had recently started as an assistant at Averton and said she was really enjoying working there.”

Applying with Averton

Karyn decided to apply for a sales associate role with Averton. “Averton seemed like a company that is very customer focused — I liked that they want to make customers feel comfortable and want to make it easy for them to make good choices … I also met the owners [as part of the interview process]."

"How often do you get to communicate, share ideas and build relationships with the actual owners of a company you work for? I think that says a lot.”

First Impressions

Since starting with Averton at the end of August, Karyn says her impressions are positive; she sums up Averton’s culture as professional, personable and hardworking. “They have very high standards for the work they do. I just came from a safety and orientation meeting and was impressed at how thorough it was — from safety on the jobsite to taking customers through their new homes.”

Plus Karyn says her new coworkers are really nice. “Everyone here is friendly and easy to talk to. They are honest and direct, and always willing to help.”

The Learning Curve

Being brand new to the new home build industry, Karyn has been working hard to learn everything she can about Averton, and the homes and neighbourhoods she represents. “There’s a lot to know, from the size of the house to the price and what’s included, whether the basement is finished, what colours [customers] can pick for countertops … it’s interesting to learn about everything that goes into building homes and studying all the trades involved.”

Karyn’s training has been thorough — a combination of in-office training and job shadowing with area sales managers. “I love seeing how they interact with customers. We also do a lot of role playing, which really makes you think about what customers might ask you.”

Averton Stands Out

One of the things Karyn appreciates about Averton is its positive, team-driven environment. “Everyone wants to work together and do a good job.” Karyn feels this kind of positivity ultimately translates to the customer. “When we are happy, we take pride in our work. We are happy to provide customers with the information they need to make the best choices for them … we do everything we can to make sure our customers are happy with their purchase.”