Averton Alberta


Laundry Rooms: Inspired Organization

Often overlooked by homeowners in the design phase, laundry rooms always end up being one the most used spaces in a home. With high traffic and a variety of purposes, this room demands practicality in order to keep your family organized and efficient. Averton laundry rooms have been designed with you in mind, ensuring that the room is functional and, of course, beautiful. 

The addition of countertops over your front loading machines maximizes the area, providing you with a convenient place to fold and sort clothing. Beyond washing your clothes, this room is also a great place to store almost anything; with customizable cabinetry, you have the option to add extra storage for items like towels, detergent, or other cleaning items. With a focus on these space-saving features, there is now ample space to hang-dry your clothing in the room as well. 

Sinks are a must in the laundry room. With the addition of this feature, you are giving yourself a space to wash out stubborn stains, hand-wash your delicates, or even clean something you might not want in your kitchen sink (like dirty boots, from your mudroom). Another popular trend in modern laundry rooms is the addition of a backsplash above the sink which helps prevent moisture damage and adds the perfect finishing touch to the space. 

From stains to storage, your laundry room should be designed to handle anything you throw at it. Come visit a showhome for ideas, and start planning your dream home today!