Averton Alberta


Luxury Bathrooms: A Necessity for Every Home

A retreat from your busy life, bathrooms designed by Averton are crafted with luxury in mind.

Pamper yourself — select a vanity and shower that will transform your bathroom into a spa, an elegant room where you can truly unwind. Made with unparalleled craftsmanship, these features add a touch of practicality without sacrificing ambiance.

Floating vanities are a statement piece - a simple way to add sophistication to any master bath. The walls frame the floating vanity, turning an otherwise muted piece of furniture into a piece of art. They give you ample room to get ready for the day without bumping into your partner and provide extra floor space for storage of things like a weigh scale, a waste bin or a basket of towels.

Averton showers are designed to create the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Framed by two pot lights, the overhead waterfall shower head ensures total coverage while the additional shower head provides pressure and allows you to direct the flow of the water. The clear glass walls of the shower create a perfect balance between open-concept and spa, infusing a bit of luxury into every moment.

At Averton, we are dedicated to making every detail of your home perfect for you. Want to know more about the unique upgrades we have to offer? Check out our blog here!