Averton Alberta


Spring Cleaning Tips from Averton

As we begin to say goodbye to the long, dark days of winter, it is time to start thinking about getting your home ready for spring. There are a number of quick things you can do around your house to freshen the place up - here is a comprehensive list of everything you need to know for getting your home ready for the warm days ahead:


  • Get the air flowing! On a warm day, open up your windows to let fresh air in and get rid of winter must.
  • Make a natural air freshener - simmer citrus fruits with rosemary.
  • Update your kitchen towels with something bright and springy.


  • Get creative by adding funky napkin rings to your accent towels.
  • Throw your shower curtain in the wash for a quick rinse.
  • Cleanse your toothbrush holder and soap dish and get them looking fresh and new.


  • Change out your winter flannels for cotton and wash the bedding.
  • Swap your winter wardrobe out for lighter spring essentials.
  • Sweep beneath your bed to rid of dust and locate missing socks.

Living Room:

  • Change out throw pillows and blankets for something lighter with brighter colours.
  • Give a quick wipe to your ceiling fan so dust bunnies don't rain down the first time you use it.
  • Bring some life to the room - literally. Add fresh flowers and plants!

Laundry Room:

  • Clear the dryer vent connected to the outside of your home to reduce the risk of fires and ensure unwanted critter guests haven’t wandered inside.
  • Wipe down your iron to get rid of calcium buildup.
  • Take some time to dust your shelving and organize your laundry detergent, get rid of empty bottles and take stock of what you need to replace.


  • Edmonton winters can be tough, and sometimes things might get knocked out of place or need some extra TLC. Take a quick walk around your home to make sure everything is looking good.
  • Wash window screens and windows - use newspaper for streak-free shine!
  • Get your lawn in tip-top shape for summer by raking and aerating it.
  • Power wash exterior surfaces and sidewalks, get everything looking fresh and new!
  • Sweep and power wash garage so you don't track in winter salt and sand all summer.
  • Have your eavestroughs cleaned.

We are dedicated to having happy homeowners. If you notice anything that seems out of place while you are tidying up, indoors or out, contact our customer care team today!