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Time to Design: Prepare with a Palette

One of the best things about building a home is choice. From the overall layout to the very last detail, adding your personal touch to your new home is a wonderful thing. But, when every decision is yours, navigating your options can feel overwhelming.

Jovie Bajar, interior designer at Averton Homes, says customers sometimes underestimate how involved the interior design process actually is. “Most think it will be easy, that it will be a walk in the park. In reality it’s a long process. You need to make choices and consider how everything will come together.”

From materials to textures to finishes, your options can seem endless. The good news is, you can make confident decisions without getting overwhelmed. “When I first meet customers, I start by asking a lot of questions, like what kind of looks they tend to go for, if they like lighter or darker environments, if they like patterns or like to keep things more simple,” says Jovie. 

If you work through these basic ideas before you make specific choices, the interior design process will be much easier. Before each interior selection appointment, Jovie shares an information package with her customers. The package outlines five design palettes: modern, rustic, contemporary, traditional and transitional.  

  • Modern has clean lines with an architectural design. It’s best known for its polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. 
  • Rustic is a very earthy and organic design. It combines reclaimed or aged wood and distressed metals, and has a warm atmosphere.
  • Contemporary often gets confused with modern. This design focuses on horizontal lines, openness and neutrals.
  • Traditional incorporates ornate details and rich tones. It typically uses neutral palettes and symmetry.
  • Transitional is where traditional and contemporary meet. It brings the warmth of traditional, but uses the clean lines of contemporary.

There’s a good chance your tastes will align with one of these palettes. Once you know the general look you want to go for, you can narrow your focus. “Committing to a colour scheme [or palette] really keeps it all together,” says Jovie.

At Averton’s Home Store, Jovie is there to help. “We offer [customers] everything. We have over 60 selections in standard tiles alone … Customers are always super happy I’m there and can help guide them through the process.”

In the end, Jovie feels making sure her customers are comfortable and happy with their new home is the most important thing.

“They should be able to make their home unique and fit with their personality … I love to see people put their stamp on their new home.”

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